Summer 2015

Temperature monitoring connected to a live-updating web server. Hardware and code to monitor the temperature sensor from adafruit. I used a solder-based breadboard, however, since I wanted my temperature logger to be more durable. I later added a humidity sensor as well.

A temperature sensor and a resistor soldered to a breadboard, with wires coming out
The temperature sensor by itself

On the software side, once I had made a logger, I used matplotlib to generate graphs that displayed the past 24 hours of temperature fluctuations, and I set up a cron job to make it log once every 15 minutes. I also set up an email alerts system using the email module to generate the messages and the smtplib module to send messages via gmail.

Once that was set up, I configured Raspberry Pi and lighttpd with a static index.html page and a single image - the temperature graph. I set up a cron job that repeatedly generated the graph using python and copied it to the directory lighttpd read.

Raspberry pi on a cluttered desk in the lab
Raspberry pi being programmed

RF circuitry assembled in a box. The circuit has the shape of an octopus.
RF circuitry being assembled (from the same summer)